Titanfall Guide: Titans

Continuing the Titanfall guide, today the focus is on Titans, the robots that players get to drive during each game. There are a surprisingly high number of options for Titans.


There are three options for the chassis and each has it’s own advantages and special skills. The Atlas is the balanced Titan and it’s special skill is increased damage for a limited amount of time. The Atlas caters to most play styles and makes for a decent Auto-Titan. The Stryder is the fast and agile Titan, which means it also has decreased armor. It’s special skill is unlimited “dashing” which is like Titan sprinting. It let’s the Titan move quickly across the map or quickly away from danger. The Ogre is the largest, slow, armor-focused Titan. It’s special skill is increased shields. It’s big and durable and probably makes for the best Auto-Titan as a result. The best strategy would be to get a good mix of Titan chassises working together. Ogres trying to draw fire by staying stationary and using slow, powerful weapons, and using Stryders and Atlases to move around and inflict damage.

Primary Titan Weapons

There are six options for primary weapons, and there is a decent balance of each in the wild. The 40MM Cannon seems to be one of the most popular. It’s powerful, but with a slow fire rate. It’s great against Titans and OK against pilots. Extended magazines are a huge improvement as this gun needs to be reloaded quickly otherwise. The XO-16 Chaingun is probably the best anti-pilot weapon, and is pretty accurate as well. This makes it great against Titans with shields already down. It’s one of the most popular Titan weapons. The Accelerator attachment helps a lot and it’s massive magazine improvement helps as well. The Plasma Railgun is OK, but it’s tough to be accurate, and must be charged until attachments are unlocked. It does a lot of damage though, and if you are skilled enough, it can be a great weapon.

The Quad Rocket is crappy. It fires slow, and has a small magazine capacity. It does a great deal of damage but it’s very hard to be accurate and isn’t very good against pilots. The Rapid Fire attachment helps, but it takes so much work to get there. The Arc Cannon fires lightning bolts which are supposed to jump to nearby enemies make this a powerful weapon. It can fire without being charged but it isn’t as powerful. The only good news is that it never has to be reloaded essentially. The Triple Threat is the last weapon to get unlocked and is a grenade launcher that shoots out three grenades at once. It’s a great anti-pilot weapon because it can be fired into buildings quite easily. It seems to be used sparingly, but most players seem to think it’s one of the worse choices.

Tactical Ability

Like with pilots there are just three Titan tactical abilities. These seem to be used in a much more balanced fashion than the Pilot variety. The Vortex Shield is a temporary shield that resembles the Force in Star Wars. It catches bullets and rockets and then upon release flings them back at the opponent. This makes it very popular and useful but obviously leaves the Titan vulnerable from the sides and back. Timing is also of the essence. Electric Smoke create a smoke field around the Titan. This is most useful to take out pilots rodeoing your Titan. It does decent damage to other Titans too, but only if they are close. It also creates a decent smokescreen to try and hide and recover from an attack. The Particle Wall is similar to the Vortex Shield in that it creates a temporary shield. Except in this case it doesn’t catch rockets to return, but the Titan who uses it can fire through it and keep attacking. It only faces one direction and can’t be moved so it requires some skill but if someone can use it effectively it’s very very good.

Ordinance Weapon

There are four types of rockets that a Titan can sporadically fire. Each must recharge for a certain amount of time. There are two options that are free-fire and two that must lock-on. The Rocket Salvo is a free-fire option which makes it OK for taking out Pilots and decent against Titans but it just requires such good accuracy that it’s really only useful until you unlock something better. The Cluster Missile is the other free-fire weapon and after it’s initial impact it causes additional smaller explosions. This makes it great for firing at grunts, into doors/windows or at Titans. If you connect on a Titan it’s really awesome and does some nice extended damage. Slaved Warheads are one of the lock-on options and this one is just OK. Because it has to fully re-charge to be fired it feels like it’s not available very often. The Multi-Target Missile System is very interesting. It has 10 missiles that can be fired at once and it can be used to hit multiple Titans at once. Because each rocket can recharge individually it seems like there is always a rocket to fire. The biggest issue with any of the ordinances is figuring out which weapon does the most damage per time fired.

Titan Kits

Just like the Pilot version, these are essentially Perks for your Titan. The Nuclear Ejection creates a huge explosion when you eject from your Titan. This is a very popular option and is great in close quarters. But it provides no value if you eject very far from enemies and doesn’t do anything when the Titan is in Auto mode. The Regen Booster recharges shields faster, which is useful all the time. It’s hard to tell how much faster, but no one can go wrong using this kit.

The Fast Autoloader only applies to ordinances1 but it’s still useful for inflicting more damage. A more aggressive play style would benefit from this one. The Dash Quickcharger speeds up the recharge of the Titan’s dash. Useful, but probably benefits a certain play style only. Keeping with the theme, the Tactical Reactor speeds up the recharge of Titan Tactical Ability. Probably one of the most useful options. There are actually three really solid choices here (not Nuclear Ejection or Dash Quickcharger) that make this a tough decision.

In the second tier, the options are not as good. Auto-Eject helps a bit especially in the early going, and the fact that it auto-cloaks a Pilot upon ejection is really nice. But unless there are three Titans shooting you its rare that there isn’t enough time to eject. Survivor slows down the decrease of health in doom mode to allow for a last few shots to throw in. It is probably a more decent early option for more experienced who have already ReGenned. Core Extender makes Core Ability (increased damage/dash/shields depending on chassis) last longer. Because these Core Abilities are only earned after surviving for a while in a Titan, this is more useful to skilled players.

Big Punch increases melee damage. The Titan melee attack is fun because it’s a punch from an enormous robot. It’s questionable whether it’s better than just going for a sure hit from up close with a Titan weapon. The Core Accelerator makes Core Ability recharge more quickly. This is a great option but isn’t unlocked until level 47, so people planning to continually ReGen can’t take advantage. Survivor is probably useful to the widest range of people, but the two Core-related options can be great too.

Tomorrow, putting it all together into Loadouts!

  1. Something I didn’t immediately notice []