Pygmy Reviews #43 – iOS Apps

Instashare (Free)

One Line Description: Share files between iOS devices or between iOS and OS X devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Unlike the similar, and great, Command C, this app was not completely sherlocked by Apple last week at the WWDC 2014 Keynote. Like Command C, Instashare can be used to move files between iOS and OS X devices. How it differs though, is that it allows for files to be transferred between iOS devices over Bluetooth, where Apple’s Airdrop and Command C both require the devices to be on the same Wi-Fi networks. This is a really nice touch for those occasions there is not a Wi-Fi network available and files need to be transferred from iPad to iPhone. This is probably a pretty rare occurrence for most, but it’s a nice feature in a pinch, and with the ads the app is free.

You Need A Budget (Free)

One Line Description: The companion app to the Mac app of the same name.

This app won’t work without buying the (rather expensive) Mac app of the same name. Even with the Mac version, the iOS version is pretty limited. It seems mostly suited for adding items on the go or getting a quick update of how much is remaining in each category. That being said, adding items is very easy and fast and could really allow a diligent person to keep up on their budget management pretty easily. This is free, because again it doesn’t work without the Mac version, so it’s a no brainer for any existing YNAB users.

2048 (Free)

One Line Description: A tile matching game where the goal is to create the tile with 2048 on it.

Similar to the insanely popular Threes, but a free clone, 2048 plays just slightly different than Threes. For those unfamiliar with Threes, the basic premise is that you combine two matching tiles to create a single tile in it’s place with the value representing the sum of the combined tiles1. This is done until there are no moves left or the 2048 tile is created. Once the 2048 tile is created, it is considered a “win”, but a player may continue to try and get higher value tiles and scores. There are a few differences compared to Threes. The tiles do not just move one space but instead all the way as far as they can go in that row/column. Also each new tile can only be a 2 or a 4, where in Threes a new tile can be a 1, 2 or any higher number. Another difference is that there is no “half-slide” preview of what is going to happen next, meaning a player has to be confident in the move they want. It’s addictive and fun. This particular app is not actually the “official” one, but it plays better and looks just slightly nicer.

Friend Check (Free)

One Line Description: Keep track of follows and unfollows on popular social networks.

There are lots of services out there like this already, but this app has support for the four major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) all in one place. It has always seemed weird that these networks don’t give people an easy way to see who unfollows them, but there are plenty of services who have picked up the slack. This app seems pretty good (full disclosure: I have only tried it with Twitter) and when refreshed quickly shows a number of new follow/unfollows. Each number can be clicked on for more details. It also comes with lots of in-app purchases to provide more data. Overall it’s a solid experience that provides some value for people who care about being unfollowed on social networks.

Mirror (Free)

One Line Description: A slightly better option for a mirror vs. the camera app.

This app does one thing, and literally has no settings or anything. Basically it just attempts to turn your front facing camera into a mirror. It differs from the camera app since it doesn’t have any camera controls on it and basically fills the whole screen minus the iAd at the top. The picture doesn’t look any different than the camera, so this is probably only useful to someone who uses their phone as a mirror a LOT. Still, it’s fast and good at what it does for a free app.

  1. In other words, combine two tiles with a ‘2’ on them and you are left with one tile with a ‘4’ on it []