Mark Buehrle’s Surprising Success

Rany Jazayerli of Grantland on [The Curious Case of Mark Buehrle](

By almost every metric, Mark Buehrle is a thoroughly average pitcher. So how has he managed to find such success, especially at his age?

Great read for any White Sox fan. Buehrle is the most underrated pitcher of the century so far. He is also the best pitcher in White Sox history at least as far back as Wilbur Wood. Had he finished his career with the Sox, and pitched as well as he had since he left, he would be 3rd all-time in wins instead of 6th. Even with his modest strikeout numbers he would be #1 by the end of the season.

He should still get his number retired, especially for his longevity and of course his impact on the 2005 World Series team.

Buehrle’s only shot at the Hall of Famer is sticking around long enough to win 300 games1, which doesn’t seem like something he is interested in. Instead he will go down as pitcher that defied traditional logic, who should have spent his whole career with the White Sox, and whom was never appreciated enough anywhere else.

  1. The article estimates he would need 10 more years to do so []