2014 College Football – Week 1 Preview

All Times Central

Slightly new format this year. No longer going to list and comment on each and every game. And because game times are changing so much, each day will kind of be a running log of what is where.

Time Main TV TV Two TV Three
5 PM Texas A&M at South Carolina
(SEC Network)
6 PM same Wake Forest at Lousiana-Monroe
Eastern Illinois at Minnesota
7 PM same Boise St. vs. Ole Miss

Normally I wouldn’t include such ridiculous match-ups on a Thursday, but IT’S OPENING NIGHT!

Texas A&M vs. South Carolina is about as good of a game as you can hope for on a Thursday. A&M has to get someone established at QB before anyone knows how good they will be, but South Carolina again looks like one of those teams that is at worst on the cusp of being an elite SEC team. Boise St. lost coach Chris Peterson, and with the new playoff most likely any chance of ever making a national championship game, but this is a great way to show people they haven’t gone away. Ole Mis is one of those teams trying to take a big leap this year, so this is pretty big game for the first night of the season.

Time Main Two Three
6 PM BYU at UConn (ESPN)
6:30 PM same Jacksonville State at Michigan State (BTN)

A bit of a stretch here, but again IT’S OPENING WEEKEND!

Time Main Two Three
7:30 AM Penn St. vs. UCF
11 AM* Ohio St. at Navy
(CBS Sports Network)
UCLA at Virginia
Appalachian State at Michigan
2:30 PM West Virginia vs. Alabama
California at Northwestern
Rice at Notre Dame
3:00 PM same same Arkansas at Auburn
4:30 PM Clemson at Georgia
WVU vs. Bama Cal at NU
6:30 PM same Ark at Aub Fresno State at USC
7 PM same Florida St. vs. Oklahoma St.
8 PM Wisconsin vs. LSU
same same

Some bullet points:

  • Love having the super early game! Love that it’s a decent matchup!
  • The 11 AM slate is OK, at least I get to see Michigan then. Hopefully they don’t lose.
  • West Virginia has fallen a long way, especially since joining the Big 12. Don’t believe me? The spread in this game is 26!
  • The Northwestern/Cal game is important for NU to show they can play without their best RB and WR. Outside of Big Ten country though, this one has little meaning
  • Arkansas is terrible. The spread in this game is 19.5, and if Auburn doesn’t blow the doors off them, they are in trouble.
  • Clemson vs. Georgia is by far the game of the day. The winner will have a huge win on their resume for the playoff committee, one that will be huge if the winner ends the year with a loss. Georgia might be my favorite non-Big Ten school. I love watching them.
  • The evening slate isn’t bad. Oklahoma St. has name recognition, but they are down this year, and Florida St. could really blow them out.
  • Wisconsin vs. LSU contains two sleeper playoff teams. LSU is always good, and has fallen off people’s radars a bit. Wisconsin could win the Big Ten, and if things break right could get to the playoff. A 12–1 Big Ten Champ Wisconsin with an LSU win on their resume will look might enticing.
Time Main Two Three
7 PM Miami at Lousiville (ESPN)

The only game of the day. Should be a good way to close out the weekend though.