Broken Lizard to Try TV

Super Troopers remains one of my all-time favorite movies1. When Broken Lizard released Club Dread in 2004, it was a massive disappointment. Beerfest then came out in 2006 and was somewhere in between before 2009’s The Slammin’ Salmon was just downright awful. The rumors starting flying last fall that Super Troopers 2 was on the way, but who knows how that will turn out. 14 years in between sequels in a long time to keep the magic. Bad Boys pulled off a sequel 8 years after, but it helped that Will Smith was probably the biggest movie star on the planet at the time.

In the meantime though, Variety is reporting that the group is working on a sitcom for TBS called Quality Time. Seems like an interesting enough idea, and because I am at the point where I would follow Broken Lizard anywhere, I will give it a go. I enjoyed season one of Ground Floor, so TBS is capable of making some decent shows. It will be interesting to see if the show is marketed as "the guys from Super Troopers since that movie is now 13 years old, but I suppose anyone who is 25–40 now would have been 12–25 then, so maybe it’s still relevant enough.

  1. On my comedy Mt. Rushmore you would also find Groundhog Day and The Hangover for sure []