2014 College Football – Week 2 Preview

Time TV 1 TV 2 TV 3
7 PM Arizona @ USTA (Fox Sports 1)

Normally this game would not get my attention. Especially since it’s opening night in the NFL. But somehow the spread here is Arizona –7. I know that UTSA is gaining steam under Larry Coker. I know that they whalopped Houston last week. But this is a Pac–12 team that just crushed UNLV. Road game or not, this spread is so crazy low, if Vegas is right this has great game written all over it.

Time TV 1 TV 2 TV 3
11 AM Oklahoma at Tulsa
(ABC or ESPN2)
Western Illinois @ Wisconsin
Akron @ Penn St.
(ABC or ESPN2)
2:30 PM USC @ Stanford
Northern Illinois @ Northwestern
Ball St. @ Iowa
3:30 PM USC @ Stanford NIU @ NU Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt
5:30 PM USC @ Stanford Michigan St. @ Oregon
Ole Miss @ Vandy
6:30 PM MSU @ Oregon Michigan @ Notre Dame
Ole Miss @ Vandy
7:00 PM MSU @ Oregon UM @ ND Virginia Tech @ Ohio St.

Week two is usually pretty brutal, and this one is no exception.

  • The morning timeslot is especially tough. At least Oklahoma is playing a road game. Unless you are a fan of one of these teams playing, this would be a good time to skip some football and get something else done.
  • There 2.5 great games this week. Stanford vs. USC is an afternoon treat, as this game kicks off at 12:30 PM local time, which you don’t see too often. USC can really flex their muscles here. The winner of this might be considered the 2nd favorite in the Pac–12 behind Oregon.
  • There is big dropoff after that game. Northwestern is trying to bounce back. If they lose this game somehow, would Pat Fitzgerald start to hover around the hotseat? Or is he immune?
  • Ole Miss is one of the teams I plan to keep an eye on. Vandy looked really bad last week, and this could be a chance for Ole Miss to just crush them.
  • Early evening brings the game of the day, and likely the biggest game of the year for a while. If Michigan St. could somehow go to Eugene and win, they would almost be guaranteed a playoff spot with a Big Ten Championship. It would also be the biggest conference win for the Big Ten in a while. The pressure is fully on Oregon to win a game that everyone assumes they will.
  • Michigan vs. Notre Dame is the 0.5 part of the 2.5 great games of the week. There is the end of an era as these two teams are ending their yearly game for a while. There is the question of how good Michigan really is after thumping App. St. last week. There is the pseudo-top 25 vs. top 25 matchup going on, since Michigan will surely crack the top 25 with a victory. It’s also Michigan’s only tough non-conference game of the year.
  • Last week featured 16+ hours of watchable football. The only hope of extending this night is Virginia Tech vs. Ohio St. OSU looked shaky early on vs. Navy. I don’t expect them to look shaky here.