2014 NFL Picks and Predictions

Definitely going to be the last non-weekly preview sports post for a while, so everyone can stop the angry notes :).

Team Pick
NFC East Eagles
NFC North Packers
NFC South Falcons
NFC West 49ers
NFC Wildcards Seahawks

Something crazy happens every year. Last year it was probably the Falcons going 4–12. This year, I think some bad luck hits the Saints and they miss the playoffs. It was hard for me to pick the Bears as the 2nd wildcard. I do not think they are that good, but picking the Lions or Bucs just seemed too crazy.

Team Pick
AFC East Pats
AFC North Bengals
AFC South Colts
AFC West Chargers
AFC Wildcards Denver

Here we go, let’s get crazy! Chargers as division winners! I think Manning’s run finally slows down here. Welker is suspended, and Decker is gone so things might be tougher. I continue to think I am the only person outside of Miami who believes Ryan Tannehill will eventually be a top tier QB. Nothing else too crazy here.

Game Result
NFC 49ers over Seahawks
AFC Chargers over Bengals
Super Bowl 49ers over Chargers

Riding that San Diego bandwagon HARD! It’s time for something different in the AFC, and that is what I think it will be.

Eight Stupid Predictions

  1. Drew Brees gets hurt early and the Saints have an abysmal season
  2. Teddy Bridgewater is the starting QB in Minnesota by week 4 and wins offensive rookie of the year
  3. Brian Hoyer starts twice as many games at QB than Manziel
  4. The Cowboys stink and tease out Michael Sam’s debut as much as possible to stay relevant.
  5. Ron Rivera is the first coach fired after the Panthers start 2–8.
  6. Oakland goes 2–14 and lands the first pick in the NFL draft
  7. Jimmy Clausen starts at least one game for the Chicago Bear
  8. The Chip Kelly Hype gets so much momentum that is named is floated as a possible 2016 Presidential Candidate