2014 Week 3 College Football Preview

Time Main TV TV 2 TV 3
11 AM UCF at Missouri
East Carolina at Virginia Tech
Kent St. at Ohio St.
2:30 PM Georgia at South Carolina
Miami (OH) at Michigan
Arkansas at Texas Tech
5 PM UGA at SC MIA at UM Southern Miss at Alabama
7 PM UCLA vs. Texas
USC at Boston College
Penn St. at Rutgers

Week 2 was bad, week 3 is worse. At least week 2 offered two high profile games, this week features just one it seems.

  • The 11 AM timeslot is brutal, even by 11 AM standards. The Big Ten needs to start playing earlier conference games so that weeks like this don’t happen
  • The game of the day is clearly Georgia vs. South Carolina. Both teams have something to prove. Georgia could make a statement that they are the best team in the SEC so far if they win, and also give themselves a nice lead in the SEC East. Meanwhile South Carolina is trying to right the ship after getting blown out by Texas A&M. If they drop to 0–2 in the SEC, their hopes are dead.
  • Arkansas vs. Texas Tech is one of those games that would have been good a few years ago. Now Arkansas is one of the worst teams in the SEC and Texas Tech has looked really bad so far.
  • Alabama could really use a statement blow out game to try and flex their muscles a bit. It’s hard to see Saban’s team getting caught in a look ahead to Florida, but anything is possible.
  • UCLA vs. Texas had a lot of potential at some point. That might have been five years ago though.UCLA has looked very iffy so far, and definitely not like the Pac –12 championship team people thought they might be. Texas has been lousy, but this is a night road game two timezones away for the Bruins.
  • USC beat Stanford last week and has solidified themselves as a real team. This is a classic letdown spot though. Flying across the country to play a Boston College team that is not very good. If nothing else, take the points.
  • Rutgers is one of the few Big Ten teams who is undefeated. This is their first Big Ten conference game, and it’s at home. They will be fired up. This game will be much better than advertised.