Houston Injury Fitting for Bears

My dad taught high school math for 35+ years, every time he finished grading a stack of papers he would hop up and do a little strut, a little dance, and then spike his red pen to the ground. That is made up of course because it’s downright ridiculous. Of course football players make plays that are literally their job and follow them up with stupid celebrations. Twice this year those celebrations have ended someone’s season.

The most recent was Chicago Bear Lamarr Houston, who was celebrating a sack on a 2nd string QB when his team was down 25 points in the 4th quarter. This is the same Houston who told certain Bear fans to “eat dirt” about a month back. That is definitely what a guy on a 5-year $35 million contract should say when his team, with Super Bowl hopes is 2–3, and winless at home. It is even better to say that when you are new to the team/city. And nothing is a better cherry on top than the fact that the “savior” of the defensive line has one sack through 8 games.

It was a fitting end to a terrible Bears game. A game that is smack dab in the middle of a terrible season. It’s safe to say the Marc Trestman era is a failure. The offense has regressed from last season. The defense is worse than advertised, but at least injuries are partially to blame. This team looks poorly coached and out of control. Nothing makes that more apparent than stupidness like what Houston did this past Sunday.

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker probably won’t survive the season. Someone has to take the fall for this disaster. While it seems painfully obvious Marc Trestman isn’t the guy, it’s too soon to cut that cord. I have said from day one though, there was a reason that he was in the CFL for the last decade. Jay Cutler isn’t going anywhere, and despite what most Bears fans think, he isn’t solely to blame. And with this much talent on offense, it’s clear there is a systemic problem.

For now though, this team continues to be an embarrassment. And as if the record the Bears set for most points allowed in a half in team history wasn’t enough, Houston had to go and do that. Bear down indeed.