2014 College Football Playoff Hierarchy: Take 2

Back with another edition of the College Football Playoff Hierarchy. It’s true that the official rankings have been released twice now, but those are based on where teams are right now, not projecting the playoff when the season ends. Why would anyone care who would be in the playoffs if the season ended today? It’s one thing in a sport like baseball where there are 162 games and one single game isn’t guaranteed to make an impact. But when it comes to college football, the circumstances are different.

Instead, the best way to understand what is going on is just keep the cheatsheet below handy. One-loss Notre Dame was neglectfully left off of the first list a couple of weeks ago. Anything that is no longer possible is crossed off.

Who Possible Teams
1 Undefeated SEC champion Mississippi St.
2 Undefeated Florida St. FSU
3 1-loss SEC champion Mississippi St., Alabama/Auburn
4 Undefeated Notre Dame NONE
5 Undefeated Baylor NONE
6 1-loss Pac 12 champ Oregon, Arizona St.
7 1-loss Big Ten champ Michigan St./Ohio St./Nebraska
8 1-loss Notre Dame Notre Dame
9 2-loss SEC champ 7 teams
10 1-loss SEC at-large Mississippi St., Alabama/Auburn
11 1-loss Big 12 champ Baylor, Kansas St., TCU
12 2-loss Pac 12 champ 5 teams
13 1-loss ACC champ Florida St., Duke
14 1-loss Pac 12 at-large NONE
15 2-loss Big Ten champ 6 teams
16 2-loss Big 12 champ 4 teams
17 1-loss Big Ten at-large NONE
18 3-loss SEC champ 9 teams
19 Undefeated Marshall Marshall