Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Coming to iPad

Sinan Kubba from Joystiq on the return of Heroes of Might and Magic 3

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is charging back into gaming with a surprise pincer attack. Not only is the 1999 turn-based strategy returning to Windows PC with widescreen-friendly HD visuals, but it’s also coming to iOS and Android, albeit for tablets only.

If that has strategists of a certain age fidgeting at the thought of more all-nighters, the good news is they’ve barely more than a month to wait. Both the PC and tablet games are already scheduled for release on January 29, 2015.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2 was actually the first game in the series I played, and probably the one I spent the most time on. I do remember playing Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and enjoying it, but definitely not playing it as much.1

It is exciting to see this game coming to iOS. This is a great tablet game. Great turn-based game without the need for virtual “sticks” or any other potential shortcomings of a touchscreen. And even better than something like Sim City where great levels of precision are required. One of the main drawbacks of any of the Heroes games was just how darn long it took to play a game. They just took FOREVER. But that is why the iPad is just perfect for this. Pick it up and play here and there pretty easily without having to sit down and play for hours or load up a big slow computer game for just a few turns.

This game definitely isn’t for everyone (sorry Chris!), but if it is under $20 for essentially the same version as the computer game from 15 years ago I see no way I won’t buy it!

  1. I knew there was a 4th game, but not a 5th, and apparently a 6th is coming in 2015. []