Recap of 2014 College Football Predictions

Time to own up to pre-season picks. There won’t be a huge breakdown of every detail, just some bullet points below.

My Pick Actual
SEC Champ South Carolina Alabama
Pac 12 Champ Oregon Oregon
Big 12 Champ Oklahoma TCU/Baylor
ACC Champ Florida St. Florida St.
Heisman Winner Cody Kessler Marcus Mariota
Heisman Dark Horse Bo Wallace
First Fired Coach Charlie Weis Charlie Weis
Game of the Year Week 2: Michigan St. at Oregon
Four Playoff Teams Oregon
South Carolina
Florida St.
Ohio St.
Florida St.
Playoff Darkhorse Ole Miss
National Champion Oregon Ohio St.
East West
1 Michigan St. (2) Wisconsin (1)
2 Ohio St. (1) Iowa (4)
3 Penn St. (6) Nebraska (3)
4 Michigan (5) Northwestern (6)
5 Indiana (7) Minnesota (2)
6 Maryland (3) Illinois (5)
7 Rutgers (4) Purdue (7)
  • South Carolina was about as bad of a pick as could have been made. Alabama continues to prove that they should be picked to win the SEC every year until they really drop off.
  • Oregon won the Pac–12 pretty easily. They won the North by a landslide.
  • Oklahoma was the disappointment of the year almost universally across the board. They did finish in a big tie for 4th. Did not see TCU’s great season coming.
  • Cody Kessler and dark horse Bo Wallace were pretty bad picks. Neither of them got any votes at all. But if QBR is to be believed, Kessler was 11th, but on a 9–4 team that was irrelevant. These days it’s hard to win the Heisman on a team like that without ridiculous stats. Wallace on the other hand finished 67th in QBR. Ole Miss was a competitor for a while, but Wallace fell apart as the season went on. Mariota was the first Heisman winner in a while who was kind of a favorite going into the season.
  • Charlie Weis was an easy slam dunk
  • Oregon and Michigan St. was a disappointing game. Notre Dame/FSU was the best game I got to see. Ole Miss vs. Alabama or the crazy Baylor/TCU shootout might have been better though.
  • Ole Miss’s seemed like a playoff team through seven games. Once the schedule got tougher the wheels fell off.
  • Oregon made the playoffs but again came up short.

Moving over to the Big Ten:

  • One for two on division winners. After that though, things fell off a cliff. Only 3 of 14 slots were predicted exactly right.
  • Picking Nebraska third was unpopular but it turned out to be correct, just had the wrong team 2nd.
  • Penn St. was the team I was most wrong about, they were much worse than anticipated in James Franklin’s first year. Should be a lot better next year.
  • Nailed Melvin Gordon as offensive player of the year.
  • Nailed Michigan and Nebraska as at least a tad overrated. Iowa finished fourth but that was still higher than some had them
  • My two serious candidates for coaches to get fired both did, Pellini and Hoke
  • Whiffed on Michigan St. as Big Ten champ, but they made a case for being the second best team.

Overall it was an up and down prediction season. I won’t be quitting my day job.