Homeland Keeps Screwing Up

[SPOILER ALERT: If you are not caught up on Homeland and/or you don’t want the slightest hint of what me coming in season five do not read on]

Showtimes drama Homeland is one of the more polarizing shows on TV. It has one of the best first seasons ever, and if it had been an anthology type series where season 1 was it’s own separate thing it would have been remembered as the best 10 hour spy movie ever. Unfortunately everything was ruined by seasons 2 and 3. Season 4 was a nice rebound eventually (the first few episodes sucked) before the finale just crapped out. Apparently the creators didn’t agree.

Dan Fienberg of Hitfix talked with Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa:

“It really did not feel risky to me at all,” he insisted, saying that the show had finished its action arc and merely doing action-for-action’s-sake would have been “pandering.”

As Gansa puts it, “If you want to watch a story about an escape from a Middle Eastern country, go watch ‘Argo.’”

Wait, what? Pandering? PANDERING!? The second to last episode had a gigantic reveal/twist. It would be one thing to have this be the finale, but to then go and basically pretend like it didn’t happen was downright crazy. It would literally be the equivalent of making a baseball show, and having the second to last episode end with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th of the World Series and the home team down by a couple and the show end as the pitcher winds up then coming back in the season finale and not even mentioning how the game ended.

Gansa’s second statement is everything wrong with this show. Everyone wants this to be Argo. And the previous five episodes were exactly that. Then there is a big twist involving the main villain and the show’s creator literally tells people who wanted to see what happened next to f-off.

But at least when the new seasons starts we will finally get to see the aftermath, right?

Cynthia Littleton of Variety had these tidbits with a recent Q&A with Gansa:

The time frame of the show will jump ahead two and a half years from where it left off at the close of season four in December. “Homeland” will shoot in Europe later this year, probably Germany, after lensing last year in Cape Town, South Africa, which subbed for Pakistan.

Most intriguing, Gansa said, Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison “will no longer be an intelligence officer,” he said.

C’mon. This is a joke right? No one would really say/do these things. Two and a half years. Why now? Why not before this previous season? Carrie re-establishes herself as a CIA agent and now that is all going away. And what is she now, a yoga instructor? I don’t know anyone that watches this show for Carrie’s personal/romantic life. Everyone watches this show for the spy stuff. The character they were chasing all of season four leaves under the protection of a long tenured CIA agent and it’s just going to be forgotten?

There are a lot of bad shows that waste talent and a good situation/topic, but none had the amazing first season this show did. This show is like the Brian Bosworth of television. So much wasted potential.