Full House Reboot Is Official

Daniel Fienberg of Hitfox says Full House Netflix revival is official. Here i the plot synopsis:

Regarding the current status quo in the world of “Fuller House,” Netflix says that the story picks up with D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Cameron-Bure) as a pregnant widow living in San Francisco. Because sitcom, sister Stephanie (Sweetin), an aspiring musician, and D.J.’s bestie Kimmy (Barber) move in. Did I mention that D.J. has two kids – 12-year-old son J.J. and 7-year-old Max – and Kimmy has a teenage daughter? Now THIS is a full house.

My sister and I grew up on Full House (along with Saved by the Bell, Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts), but I can’t imagine outside of the first episode even we are remotely interested in this nonsense. I still haven’t seen an episode of Girl Meets World, but I just learned last week it was on TV already. It arrived with so little fanfare that I thought it was still in the works.

I was a much bigger fan of Full House than of Boy Meets World and I admit to catching a re-run of the former on occasion, but there is no way this is going to be any good. The three main characters are played by actresses who have literally vanished from acting over the last two decades. Add to the fact that a majority of the series they were children, and now are grownups and this just seems ripe with potential failure. It seems like Netflix could have copied the The Brady Bunch model and just made a movie for those fans craving nostalgia instead of committing to a full on series. I can’t imagine anyone who didn’t watch the original show will have any interest in this, let alone actually like it.

Because Netflix keeps viewership numbers so secret the only indication of if this is a success is if it get’s renewed for a second season. But assuming that it will be pretty cheap to produce, especially with the cast of not-in-demand people. I won’t lie, I will at least check out the first episode, and my guess is lots of other people around my age will as well. But my guess is that 3/4 of those people won’t get to episode 5.