A New Blu-ray Format?

Richard Lawler of Engadget on Ultra HD Blu-ray is bringing high-res movies home soon:

After Blu-ray and HD DVD ushered in the age of HD and 1080p movies for the masses, discs were beaten to 4K by streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon. While the internet is still doing most of the heavy lifting for 4K, the Ultra HD Blu-ray specification is finally complete which means we should see movies and players arriving later this year.

In the worlds of Tony from Real World: Skeletons, “wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait”. Is this a late April Fool’s joke? A new format for media on DISCS?!? Nobody wants this. People are done buying media this way (at least a majority of people). Better video quality is not going to be enough to pull people back in, except for maybe the elitist of cinephiles. Streaming is too convenient and easy, and doesn’t take up tons of shelf space in people’s houses. 4K video is going to catch on, but it won’t be via physical media.

I had no idea there was another media format coming. As someone who bought a ton of DVDs in the early aughts I learned my lesson when Blu-ray won the battle over HD DVD. In fact I didn’t even own a Blu-ray player until I bought an Xbox one last year, and I still haven’t purchased a single Blu-ray movie (and the only one I would consider purchasing is Star Wars). Sure there are some DVDs I am glad I have because those movies are not on streaming services, but chances are that if I wanted to see them otherwise I would just buy them in iTunes. Is anyone seriously interested in this?