Why I Ordered An Apple Watch

It took me 9 months from release to buy my first iPhone. I was skeptical about the lack of a keyboard, and just didn’t know it would be anything more than an iPod that could make phone calls. But after playing with it a bit I knew I wanted one. It took me about 6 months to buy an iPad. I was sure I didn’t want one. But on release day I remember reading about how amazing people thought it was. I eventually bought one and love it. I didn’t even last a month before ordering an Apple Watch.

I have mostly never worn a watch. They don’t look good on me, and I never really found one I loved. I wore one for a while at the end of high school, but once I had a cell phone with me all the time I never understood the point of having a dedicated timekeeping device. But the Apple Watch is so much more than that. Am I addicted to my phone? No more than I am to any other piece of technology I own. But I definitely suffer from the syndrome of pulling it out of my pocket after getting a notification only to discover it isn’t anything I care about. The Apple Watch is great for making that even easier. A quick glance will let me read iMessages or emails or other notifications, and that is sweet. But it isn’t just that.

I never liked the wrist worn fitness trackers. I had two different models that didn’t have to be worn on the wrist. They were fine, but they were easy to forget, either at home, or in my pocket when doing laundry (RIP Withings Pulse). But wearing something on my wrist that does fitness tracking plus a crapload of other things is also tremendous.

I also love the idea of controlling podcasts and music without having to take my phone out my pocket. It seems so trivial, but especially when moving the lawn or something, it just seems perfect (although who knows if I will actually wear it then).

I bought the sport edition (a.k.a. the cheapest one), but the 42mm in black. I don’t care about the dressiness of it because I don’t get too dressy that often and I mostly want it for the utility, not the fashion. I might hate it. I might love it. I might have wished I waited for version 2. But all the praise convinced me to just give it a go and see how it turns out. Obviously I will report back with my thoughts when I have it. Estimated shipping…July.