First Week with  Watch

It’s been seven days since I received my 42mm  Watch Sport with the black band. Plenty of other people have shared their impressions, but I still thought I would share mine after just one week. I thought I would keep it more bullet point style though. One general comment I will make, what the  Watch does, it does well, but there is a lot it doesn’t do that might turn people off. Let’s start with the bad


  • Siri can’t speak. This means that it can’t ready back text messages to send, which makes it not an “eyes free” solution in the car the I thought it would be.
  • The only way to respond to texts is with Siri or the pre-canned responses. I realize that it would be difficult to have a keyboard on the phone (although multiple people have suggested a T9 like system), it would still be nice to have the option for a few rare instances.
  • The “Now Playing” Glance only shows the track time in count up format. I have never understood why audio players default to counting up instead of down. 99% of the time people want to know how much time is left, not how long they have been listening.
  • The watch face selection is much smaller than I expected, and even with watchOS 2 it isn’t going to improve much. I can’t imagine ever using anything but Modular and at the moment it is pretty limited in what it can display.
  • Most of the third party apps so far are pretty useless. For example, the CBS Sports app only loads scores five at a time. There is no further detail provided and you have click “Load More” to find other games. The DirecTV app is paired with whichever receiver your phone is paired with, so if it’s the wrong one you still have to go on your phone first.
  • Because the face goes on and off depending on where your wrist is, sometimes it doesn’t turn on when you want it to. This can be annoying sometimes, but it’s not the end of the world.


  • The fitness tracker is really cool. The reminders to stand up every hour if you haven’t yet are nice. The color wheel to show progress is also very cool. It is unclear how accurate it is, the reviews have been mixed, but it’s still one of the gems of the  Watch.
  • The ability to locate your iPhone if the  Watch is paired to it is quite nice. It seems to have no problem staying paired throughout my entire house so for anyone that misplaces their iPhone this is a nice feature.
  • Even though the Now Playing screen counts up instead of down, it’s still a great feature. It works with third party apps so I can listen to podcasts while I mow the lawn and change tracks/volume without taking my phone out of my pocket (if I had Bluetooth headphones I could probably just leave my phone in the garage even).
  • The weather app works just fine and is designed well and is easy to use.
  • The maps app works in conjunction with your iPhone, and if you have turn-by-turn directions going on your phone they also happen on the watch. Plus when you are approaching a turn the phone vibrates giving you an extra indication something is coming.
  • Notification forwarding is pretty sweet. I don’t miss notifications at home anymore when my phone is across the room, and I don’t take my phone out of my pocket unless I have to respond from there because I already know what the notification is.
  • The battery life has been great. Only once has it really gotten below 20% in a full day of use. I have been charging it every night and most days it doesn’t come close to dying out.

Final Thoughts

The Fitbit Surge is the “superwatch” of the Fitbit line. It does a ton of things including displaying text messages on it’s screen. It costs $250 on Amazon. The $400  Watch Sport does a whole lot more, provided you have an iPhone already. As someone who hasn’t worn a watch in years I was worried about wearing this thing all the time. But it is surprsingly comfortable, and I don’t mind wearing it 95% of the time. People who are watch wearers might want to spring for a nicer model/band, but I am content with the rubbery Sport band for now. I have worn it while playing tennis and working out and it is just fine. Overall I am satisfied with it and anxious to see what improvements happen between now and the end of the year.