Two Months with  Watch

After two months with an  Watch not much has changed from my early thoughts. I still find the device pretty limited in what it can do, and will be interested to see if watchOS 2 changes much of that. Having the time close at hand has been nice, and more useful than I thought it would be, but I still wouldn’t wear a regular watch just for that privilege. The notifications are one of the best features, but finding the right balance of what is worth seeing and what isn’t is a challenge. I have stripped it way down to just a few apps and I feel like I mostly have found the sweet spot at this point.

Siri works very well for voice dictation, and sending SMS/iMessages from it works pretty well, but I still don’t like to do it anywhere but my car or house because it’s weird to talk into your wrist with people around. The fitness tracker is cool, but I still have failed to compare it to an old Fitbit I have just to see how it stacks up. The “stand-up and move” reminder every hour is nice, but sometimes it doesn’t register. Also (and I was the last person to realize this) it pops up at the same time every hour (10 minutes to), which means that theoretically it could have been nearly two hours since you last stood up. I wish this was configurable because I would like it be more frequent (every 30 minutes) and be a rolling 30 minutes instead of static wall time.

At this point outside of notifications, messaging, occasionally taking a phone call when my phone is in another room or turning audio volume up/down, there is almost nothing else I do on the  Watch. There is no reason to stop wearing it because I already paid for it, and it does provide some value. And I will reassess after watchOS 2 is released (probably in the next month). In the meantime though, I don’t recommend spending money on this device. I am not sure that I have ever been disappointed with an Apple device purchase, but this time I am.