Sideclick Remote Removes Annoying Feature

Jared Newman wrote a Macworld/TechHive piece about how the Sideclick is shaping up to be a killer remote control for streaming video, including removing the main thing that annoyed me when it was first announced:

Rather than giving up, True Bloom made some tweaks. The company abandoned the idea of entirely separate Sideclick models for Apple TV, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Roku, and instead created a single Sideclick with interchangeable clips for each remote. At the expense of perfect form-fitting, Sideclick is now much cheaper to produce, and will let users upgrade and switch media streamers as they please. (Each Sideclick will come with one clip-on adapter; additional ones will cost about $7.) The new design also works with Google’s Nexus Player, and it has eight buttons, up from seven on the original design.

This is suddenly a great, great idea. And I think that going to just one model will prove to me the right move in the long run. 100% for sure I will be buying one of these when it’s released. It will also probably cause me to use my streaming devices more since it will be that much easier to do. On top of that I can already think of some people this would make a great gift for. I am really glad they made this change, and I suspect they will sell a lot of these devices as a result.