2015 College Football Playoff Hierarchy – 1st Edition

The first college football playoff rankings are out. They are mostly meaningless though because they represent what would happen if the playoff was today. Of course, it isn’t. So instead I present to you the hierarchy of college football playoff teams. I did this last year and my first version correctly nailed the four teams (meaning that after crossing things off that are eliminated the top four remaining spots on my list were who made the playoff), although not in perfect order.

I don’t think there are any big surprises here. I might have Clemson too high. They might actually be the four seed if both the Big Ten and Big 12 have undefeated champs. Notre Dame is really a wild card. They definitely don’t get in ahead of four undefeated conference champs, but would they get in ahead of a 1-loss SEC or Pac 12 champ? Speaking of the Pac 12 I think it’s too much in disarray to make it over a 1-loss SEC champ. Especially since that team could still be Alabama who is by far the best 1-loss team in the country right now.

The four undefeated AAC teams are interesting. Only one of them can make it out undefeated but they will have an interesting case if there are mostly 2-loss conference champions out there.

I’ll update this again in a couple of weeks.

Who Possible Teams
1 Undefeated SEC Champ LSU
2 Undefeated ACC Champ Clemson
3 Undefeated Big 10 Champ Michigan St., Ohio St., Iowa
4 Undefeated Big 12 Champ Oklahoma St., TCU, Baylor
5 1-Loss Notre Dame Notre Dame
6 1-Loss SEC Champ Florida, Alabama, LSU
7 1-Loss PAC 12 Champ Stanford/Utah
8 1-Loss Big 10 Champ Michigan St., Ohio St., Iowa
9 1-Loss Big 12 Champ Oklahoma St./TCU/Baylor/Oklahoma
10 1-Loss ACC Champ Clemson/Florida St./North Carolina
11 Undefeated AAC Champ Temple, Houston, Memphis, Navy
12 2-Loss Notre Dame Notre Dame
13 2-Loss SEC Champ Florida, LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Miss. St., TAMU
14 2-Loss Big 10 Champ Michigan St., Ohio St., Penn St., Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Northwestern
15 2-Loss Big 12 Champ Oklahoma St./TCU/Baylor/Oklahoma
16 2-Loss ACC Champ Clemson, Florida St., North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Duke
17 2-Loss Pac 12 Champ Stanford, Utah, UCLA