The Newsletter Craze of 2015

Ben Brooks talked about the trend in 2015 of bloggers starting newsletters:

What is the biggest complaint that most people have? They hate email. They have too much of it. They never check it, etc, etc.

And yet newsletters are going to be helpful for writers and content makers? When they are just email, the thing people hate, and the thing people never checkā€¦

I was working on a blog post about this for the last few months, but it never got off the ground. Essentially though it, this was exactly the point I was planning to make. I am subscribed to a couple of newsletters now, they are basically extensions of existing blogs. They feature content that would make perfect sense on the blogs themselves. Instead though, I have to read them in my e-mail client, instead of in Pocket or on the website.

It is easy for these emails to get forgotten about, or buried if you don’t manage your email well. And many of them are the equivalent of about five blog posts so they can’t just be consumed in a minute or two. It is also more content that has to be produced at specific intervals. It just doesn’t seem like this can be worth it. It’s a subset of users who already read your content, why not just get more eyes on content in places where anyone can see it?

I am similar to Brooks in that being a part of this newsletter doesn’t somehow make me feel more special. It’s just another place I have to remember to look.