I have been running websites or blogging in some capacity on and off for probably 13 years or so. This particular blog has been in existence since early 2011. The idea to post link posts intertwined with longer form writing was inspired by tech blogging royalty John Gruber, Shawn Blanc and Ben Brooks. Most of the pure link posting ceased a couple of years ago and now the blog features 2-3 articles per week.

The name is derived from my Xbox Gamertag BeserkHippo (yes spelled incorrectly). During the Gamertag creation process, at least part of it eight years ago, was a mechanism for suggesting names. At some point Berserk[something] and [Something]Hippo came up separately. I decided to combine them, but then obviously misspelled it, on accident, and am not able to fix it because someone else owns BerserkHippo.

I love tech, sports, television, movies and video games. Those are the things I write about. The tech portion is definitely slanted towards Apple products. The sports portion is slanted heavily towards baseball and football, specifically the Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. Video games are almost exclusively Xbox. Television is reality-free with a rare exception.


If it wasn’t obvious already, I pretty much stick to Apple products. My primary machine at this point is an 13″ MacBook Air (2012). I do most of my blogging and web surfing on this. I also have a 13″ MacBook Pro (2009) which I use for as a backup machine, and for when I need an optical drive. I added a 27-inch iMac to the fleet, and this functions as a shared family computer, a Diablo III station and anything else that benefits heavily from more screen real estate.

I also have an iPad Mini with Retina (WiFi edition) that is mostly for reading Pocket, Twitter, Facebook, iMessaging, light web surfing, occasional blogging and coding. My phone is an iPhone 5s, my 4th iPhone.

I used a Rode Podcaster and the Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones when I was doing the Hippo Podamus podcast. I have the mic mounted on the official Rode arm and shock mount and I use the BSW RE27POP pop filter because it just looks so damn cool.


I use a plethora of software for different things. For blogging, I outline/take notes in [nvALT][8], write longer posts in Byword and publish using MarsEdit. When blogging on the iPad, the writing takes place in Byword and then it’s published via Poster (a WordPress app that is no longer available since it was bought by WordPress and seemingly abandoned).All of my posts are written in Markdown until they are published to my website, which is powered by WordPress. The site is hosted by Dreamhost.

Once things get to WordPress, there are several plugins I use:

Other software I use on the Mac:

On iOS, my favorite third-party apps are: