The Hippo Podamus podcast was a weekly show co-hosted by my friend Chris. It covered pretty much the same topics covered on this blog, but slanted more towards sports and TV. It ran until May of 2014 and ended after 150+ episodes.

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The End of the Hippo Podamus

There hasn’t been an episode of the Hippo Podamus put out since early May. There also hasn’t been any explanation why, or what the future is, so it’s time to rectify that.

When the podcast started three years ago, it wasn’t clear where it was going, or more importantly how long it would last. Making it one year was amazing, and hitting 100 episodes was an impressive accomplishment1. There were several different formats, starting with just a single topic, before going to multiple topics and eventually back to single shorter topics. The different formats were about improving the show for listeners as well as making it easier on the people making it.

Coming up with interesting topics each week was harder than it sounds, and someone was always displeased with the decision. The show was about doing something fun though, more than it ever was about pleasing an entire audience all the time. In the end, a vast majority of shows were about TV and sports, which makes sense given the hosts biggest interests. In the end though, that made it difficult to find a large audience, which was by no means a dealbreaker, but did not help in the decision to cease production.

The final format of short, one topic shows, was designed to get episodes out quicker, and make them easier to put together, but the time saved on production was insignificant. Instead it just spread the time out over two sessions per week, which was not much of an improvement. In the end, the show stopped being more fun to make than the burden of creating it.

In the end though, doing a podcast was an unregrettable decision that was fun, and educational. It almost certainly won’t be the end of podcasting for me. I hope to regroup and do something new before the end of the year, but only time will tell.

Thanks to all of our listeners over the years. Your feedback and support was great.

  1. Does that mean we reached syndication? []