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  • Pygmy Reviews – Short reviews, four or five at a time, about a common topic.
  • Year In Film – A personal look at a particular year in movies.

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This blog is made up for three kinds of primary posts, Articles, Podcast Episodes and Links. Links can be distinguished from posts in a couple of ways. First, there is a club (♣) next to the title. And second, there is the name of another website under the subject. Clicking on either the club (♣) logo next to the title, or the domain name next to the date will take you to the source site that is being linked to. To view the link post on this site on it’s own simply click on the title. Non-link posts, long-form articles and podcast episodes, can be distinguished by their title, which appears in bold black text. Here the permalink is simply the title of the post.


Why is there no place to comment on posts? As is becoming a trend on most blogs, I opted to not to enable comments on this site. There are many reasons for this, but not having to police spam and other nonsense is a big one. If you are looking for ways to provide feedback on a post there are many options. Use the contact form (at the bottom of this page), @reply me on Twitter (@BerserkHippo), send an e-mail ( or post a reply in the form of a post on your own blog.