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Breaking Bad: The Best Show…Ever?

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(Note: If you have never watched an episode of Breaking Bad but plan to at some point, skip this post. There no season 5 spoilers though)

Maureen Ryan:

What’s impressive is not just that Cranston and Gilligan keep finding new places to take the character, but that every step in the progression of the man – from chemistry teacher to meth maker to would-be kingpin – has been absolutely believable. Cranston has made the journey – from the henpecked husband who was working two jobs in Season 1 to the murderer who said, “I won” at the end of Season 4 – not just credible but fascinating. As taut as the narrative has been, it never would have worked without Cranston’s masterful, nuanced performance at the center of it.

That has always been the reason I think this is the best show on television. Walter White’s evolution is absolutely believable. The show is so well written and so well acted that I find it hard to believe that it won’t be considered the best show of this century so far.

Maureen Ryan On Mad Men’s Disappointing Season

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The always great Maureen Ryan on Mad Men:

On top of that, there were a lot of dropped storylines, missed opportunities and depressing developments this year. Aside from the smallish arc that depicted the depressing machinations that got the company the Jaguar account and Lane’s rather contrived check-fraud scheme, there also wasn’t much tension or forward momentum to help drive the season forward, and though it was a brave and understandable choice to not make Don Draper and his demons the center of a season-long arc, as I wrote here, the season of not wanting, not getting or being bored with what they had soon reached a point of diminishing returns.

I said on this week’s podcast that I was not impressed with the season and considered it the show’s worst to this point. Ryan’s entire article hit home with me, including her list of things she wanted to see more of.

We mentioned the opening episode focusing on a the Civil Rights Movement, and then very little mention of it after. I forgot to bring up the whole Ginsburg plot though. Between his father and his comment about “being an alien” went nowhere.

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AMC Announces Breaking Bad Season 5 Premiere Date

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Alan Sepinwall on Breaking Bad:

Now we do, as the cable channel announced today that the final season will premiere on Sunday, July 15 at 10 p.m., and that the plan is to air 8 episodes this summer and then the remaining 8 episodes in the summer of 2013.

Can’t wait.

Summer TV Premiere Dates

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Complete list of summer TV premiere dates. It’s amazing how many TV shows run in the summer now. The non-network channels are really taking advantage.

Some highlights for me:

“Hatfields & McCoys” premiere
Mon., May 28, 9 p.m. ET on History
History goes Wild West for this three-part miniseries, all about one of the most infamous rivalries in American history, starring Kevin Costner as “Devil” Anse Hatfield and Bill Paxton as Randall McCoy.

“Snooki & JWoww” series premiere
Thurs., June 21, 10 p.m. ET on MTV
Snooki and JWoww are leaving the “Jersey Shore” house to move into their own place together, and Snooki’s big baby and engagement news means that this is kind of their last hurrah to live it up as single best friends.

“The Newsroom” series premiere
Sun., June 24, 10 p.m. on HBO
Aaron Sorkin’s latest TV drama takes a look behind the scenes at a nightly cable news show just trying to put out the best show possible with an unpredictable anchor (Jeff Daniels), a demanding boss (Sam Waterston), a flighty producer (Emily Mortimer) and the show’s largely unmotivated staff (Olivia Munn, Dev Patel and Alison Pill).

“Breaking Bad” Season 5 premiere
Sundays, 10 p.m. ET in July, exact date TBD
The much-anticipated fifth and final season will be split in two, according to star Bryan Cranston, with the first half airing starting in July, and the second half in 2013. They’re picking up right where we left off in the jaw-dropping Season 4 finale.

Breaking Bad Will Split Final Season

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James Hibberd on Breaking Bad:

Emmy-winning series star Bryan Cranston says AMC will break the award-winning drama’s final 16-episode season into two separate runs, as has been speculated for months. “We’re splitting it,” says Cranston, who’s currently shooting the fifth season premiere in New Mexico. “We’re going to shoot the first eight, then take a four-month production break, then the rest will air next year.”

The network has not announced a premiere date for Breaking Bad, though actors on the show say the drama will return in July.

Not a huge shock. This is kind of what I figured would happen. Either way, the conclusion of this season is highly anticipated.

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